Core Values 

Core Values are what support our vision, shape our culture and truly reflect what we value. Our core values are the essence of our identity, our principles, and our beliefs. It is through constant research and development and the tireless pursuit of innovation that we remain at the forefront of our industry. Read more about our values below. 

Safety Above All

We are committed to maintaining the utmost standards of health, safety and environmental protection, on each and every project, every single day. We want our employees to arrive home healthy and safe at the end of each work day. We consistently remain conscientious and focused, and are always aware of what we and others around us are doing. We understand that we must be rigid when following internal processes to ensure optimal safety – which means never cutting corners!

Customer Intimacy

Our goal is to make every IPS customer a customer for life. This is achieved through the development of purposeful relationships, and by understanding the business needs and expectations of our clients. We believe that when we help our customers succeed, we succeed as well. Channeling company resources and capabilities ensures customer satisfaction, from the designer to the end user, and every point in between.


Business Innovation

We believe in the impact and effectiveness of utilizing mindful creativity towards the development of new products, continuous improvements and new processes. We eagerly embrace and drive purposeful change, an achievement that is in part facilitated through employee and customer engagement. This enables us to always remain at the precipice of the industry.

Extreme Ownership

What is extreme ownership? To IPS, it means being 100% accountable with absolutely zero excuses. It’s taking personal responsibility and full accountability for every one of our individual and collective actions and deeds. We expect leadership from our employees at every level and a commitment to being the very best that they can be. We believe that it is better to be a contributor, not a detractor - don’t find fault, find a solution!

Passionately doing what is uniquely different.

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